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Decorate With Boldly Painted Contrast Ceilings

Statement ceilings are a huge trend in 2018 and the contrast painted ceiling is gaining in popularity. A stunning contrast ceiling color can cast a lovely ambiance over a room, transforming it instantly into a space that will wow visitors and definitely reflect your unique personality.

Homeowners wishing to bring grandeur and life to an otherwise "white box" space are searching for ways to make their ceilings pop. Ceilings are frequently boring and bland, painted white to blend in or disappear. People think that by painting a ceiling white they are making a safe choice that will make their ceiling unnoticeable. However the tide has changed and today people want to define their ceilings with a little bit more imagination. The contrast painted ceiling is a great way to do just that.

Adding a little style to the ceiling by painting it a contrasting color not only enhances the decor of the room but also gives everyone a reason to look up. And because the ceiling is a significant surface area, why not have some fun with it? In other words, it's time to give the ceiling some style.

I am not going to lie to you and say that I like all the contrast ceilings I am seeing. This look has to be done right and is one trend that can go south on you quickly. I suggest bringing in a professional if you are serious.

I have gathered some images of contrast painted ceilings to show you how fresh and energetic this trend and be. Also they might push you to try something totally different if you are considering a redo. The statement ceiling is dominating the design world so now is the time.Enjoy!!

Let's face it, white ceilings definitely lack visual interest.  For more impact painting the ceiling a totally contrasting color adds character and will certainly be more memorable. If you don't like the brighter colors we are seeing today, choosing a darker color is a great idea.

If you don't like the brighter colors we are seeing on today's contrast ceilings, choosing a darker color is a great idea.

Danielle Rollins

There is no question that painting ceilings with vibrant colors that contrast with a room's walls is an emerging and exciting new trend.

Photographed by Toni Rosvall for Avotakka Magazine

When a ceiling can be one of the most definitive elements in a space, why not add character, style and individuality.

In today's interiors ceilings are part of the decor...... not boring or ignored. Painting a ceiling white to make it unnoticeable is no longer rule of thumb.

If the surrounding walls in your room are neutral, you might opt for a bold ceiling color. However, do this cautiously. The striking contrast between the wall and ceiling should be tied together by furniture, or in this case artwork, that is coordinated with the ceiling.

When done right, your room will exude a striking and beautiful harmony.

Have fun with this trend and cover the whole ceiling in a uniform shade lively enough to command your attention.

Photo by William Waldron

A contrasting dark color lowers the ceiling and makes the room smaller and cozier.

Jeffrey Bilhuber

A light color on your contrast ceiling will make the room seem larger and more grand. High-gloss lacquer is also an option that will even brighten your ceiling color and give it more energy.

Painting the ceiling dark creates a clean, bold contrast. Pair that with layers of warm texture and you will have created a space that feels very sophisticated and intimate. Another plus is how it can conceal unsightly ceilings.

Brian McCarthy

Incorporate a little unexpected flair and drama by painting it a dark color such as navy, chocolate or charcoal.

The source of light should also be considered when choosing a darker color for your contrast ceiling. 

Photo: Jonny Valiant

The key to using a bold or dark color on the ceiling, without the space becoming cave-like, is to make sure you have adequate lighting or limit the adjacent wall colors to a light hue.

This image is proof of the dazzling effect you can create by painting your ceiling in a color that contrasts with the walls while coordinating with other colors in the room.

via Pinterest

A room with contrasting colors on the ceiling always looks stylish and chic.

If you like the look of painted contrasting ceilings but don't want to go overboard, the bathroom is a good room to experiment in.

Kitchen ceilings painted in a contrasting color are really popular right now and these too can give you the look in a smaller dose.

photography by Daniel Kukla, designer Kelly Behun

A bold yellow contrast ceiling really brighten up this dining space.

via Pinterest

A pretty French provincial bedroom with contrasting blue ceiling beams and rafters.

If you like alot of color try something like this and you too can have a colorful interior from top to bottom. The contrasting green ceiling tops it all off.

I think contrasting ceilings look especially good in Chinoiserie interiors.

via Pinterest

Many people think that a boldly painted ceiling is only for modern interiors, however, as you can see, many styles have been represented here and this trend looks fabulous in each of them.

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

Friday, May 11, 2018

Decorating French Style With Louis XV Console Tables

The console table was the trend of the day for display furniture in 7th-century Italy. The French continued the fashion for these fabulous consoles during the reign of Louis XIV. They were one of the most successful expressions of the Rococo style which eventually became popular in England and other parts of Europe.

The Table en console or console table, was designed to be placed against a wall, often in front of mirror, and provided a way to display objets d'art. It was among the most lavishly decorated pieces of furniture of the early Louis XV period. Usually made of oak, it would be carved, gilded, and drenched with rocaille. Rocaille was a French style of exuberant decoration with an abundance of curves, counter-curves, undulations and elements modeled on nature, (usually in the form of seashells and foliage) that appeared in furniture and interior decoration during the early reign of Louis XV of France. The console tables were usually topped with a plaque of colored marble.

I love Louis XV console tables in any form. This post will show you how beautiful they can be when gilded and used classically. Also you will see the painted provincial and natural wood tables that are equally fabulous. I love French ormolu encrusted pieces mixed in with painted furniture for a casual elegance reminiscent of the country chateau. The Louis XV console table works on both levels. It can bring that faded French look to a classic room or be a stand out gilt piece in a country chateau style interior. I hope you enjoy the post!!

Nothing like 18th century music to create the atmosphere for viewing Louis XV consoles.

My favorite style is the French country chateau interior. And one of my most adored pieces of furniture is the Louis XV console table. Whether they are the two ......

.....or four legged varieties, they are all fabulous to me. I love to see gilded pieces like this used alongside painted provincial furniture.

From French, console - "a bracket", the console table was originally used as a bracket itself. This image is the console in it's truest form.

Tara Shaw

We'll start with the two legged console table. This type of side table was normally fixed against a wall and required legs or other decorative support only at the front. The legs were not really strong enough to hold anything that weighed much of anything. Because it was viewed only from the front or sides, the back was left undecorated and the top was often of marble.

Characterized by curved forms, lightness, comfort and symmetry, Louis XV furniture was designed not for the vast palace state rooms of the Versailles of Louis XIV, but for the smaller, more intimate salons created by Louis XV and  his mistresses, Madame de Pompadour and Madame DuBarry. 

The console table was affixed to a wall, usually with a mirror above it and above it for women to apply makeup and powder to their faces.

This gilt console embodies the style and sophistication of the Louis XV era. It is heavily embellished in the luxurious excesses of Rococo, a very distinctive 18th century trend.

It is easy to bring a sense of history into your interiors with any one of these French console tables, ranging from gilded styles to intricate wood or painted designs.

The Louis XV console table eventually evolved and was given additional legs to make it look more like a table. Without losing any of its elegance, now the console table became practical and easily moved about.

Characteristics of the Louis XV console table was the serpentine form, acanthus and foliate ornamentation, intricately carved stretcher, and pierced aprons. Many other classical elements went into the design of the tables such as the shell motif, urns, swags, and scrolling.

Intricately carved and detailed French console tables were a must-have in aristocratic mansions and palaces in the late 17th century and throughout the 18th century.

Diane Burn

This console embodies the style and sophistication of the Louis XV era.

Geoffrey Bradfield

During the reign of Louis XV the console table reached the height of fashion. With their exaggerated and excessively dramatic appearances they were often considered more a part of the architecture than merely a piece of furniture.

This Louis XV console table features exquisite carving throughout it's solid giltwood frame. Such a stunning console would have served as the focal point of an entire room.

Vignettes look fabulous when created atop a Louis XV console.

I love all the different marbles you find on these French console tables.

The Louis XV console table is a great way to elevate an entryway. Natural finished tables like this one have more of a country charm.

via Pinterest

The French console table is a designers dream because any corner of the interior can be decorated with this incredible design piece!

These console tables are beautiful when slightly whitewashed for a faded French look.

via Pinterest

Many times the Louis XV console table was made of lighter woods or painted with neutral shades to create a much softer, airier aesthetic. I am partial to the painted pieces.

The graceful French legs of this Régence console table. Use this piece to create a stunning foyer or an eye catching entrance.

Many of these Louis XV consoles were made in pairs and were designed to be topped by matching mirrors. They coordinated with the paneling in the room. I love the painted ones.

Lisa Farmer - Eye For Design

The Louis XV style console I use in my hall has a painted greige finish with rusty rose marble.

This Louis XV style marble top console table has a pierced skirt centered by a Rococo foliate ornament, complex volute floral and foliate carved cabriole legs, and arched foliate and shell stretcher.....all typical of an 18th century console table.

Loving this small red painted Louis XV console table.

This creamy painted French console is the embodiment of the elegant, yet charming and humble comfort typical of the country chateau.

French country chateau style depends on a bit of painted furniture mixed in with more classical pieces. 

Designer Elise Valdorcia 

Try replacing a cookie cutter kitchen island with a classic French console. Either wood or marble top would make a great work table.

The French console is so versatile and can successfully hold court in about any room of the house. They are so pretty in bathrooms.

I love the way Elise Valdorcia has used her console as a desk.

Proof that the Louis XV console table works in a variety of interior styles!!

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This blog post was published by Lisa Farmer

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